Friday, 6 January 2012

Effy Stonem

 Sister of Tony Stonem (first generation centre character) in the british series Skins, played by actor Kaya Scodelario, who became part of the main cast in season 3 and 4. Effy is the bad party girl of the series and for the most part she is torn between Freddy and Cook two best friends, though she is truly in love with Freddy. While trying to figure out her confused feelings and getting over the traumatic experience of witnessing her brothers accident, she suffers from multiple addictions to drags alcohol and adrenaline. She is, however very perceptive, brave and cool and her flawless, porcelain beauty along with her shadowy attitude prevents everyone from holding any grunge against her. She is very troubled, constantly flirting with depression though she is always pretending to be strong. I am particularly fond of her cause she was constantly trying to see people for what they are and diminish emotions that could influence her judgment, and because she is fearless and reckless all the time.


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  3. She is so beautiful! Have a great Friday!