Monday, 19 December 2011

Creativity and the predicaments it brings to men

    It has been quite a while now from the scandal that caused John Galliano his work as creative director at Dior and further more at his own label. I think we all agree that the comments he supposedly made were inappropriate. To be frank I do not really care whether he made these comments or not, i will not judge the man from one incident, I will look at the fact that throughout the body of his work he has seeked inspiration, and he has spent time studying and analysing cultures and movements from all over the world, appreciating them and embodying their elements in his work and I will reach the conclusion that this man is not a racist. Perhaps he was drunk, maybe he was stoned, (personally many times I say things I do not believe to people I really dislike in order to hurting them and triggering their insecurities) so perhaps he just didn’t like these people, or he was just in a bad mood. However when you are at the top there are many vultures flying around you.

    What I care about Is that he as a designer has defined fashion for more than two decades with his theatrical and extravagant shows. Especially after the millennium when practically every person had limitless access in a great range of information from places all over the world a confusion erupted in fashion, as well as other arts and sciences concerning how to handle those information. All these years, I felt strongly that Galliano was the only fashion designer with the ability to dive into that pool of information and come up with a clear vision for the way a man and a woman should dress in the 2000s. He showed us the limitless possibilities and the creative range with which we can manage our image and he gave the 2000s, a decade which for most part didn’t have a particular style an identity with the most mesmerising unique and complex way anyone could, and he worked damn hard to do that. I believe that as the world reaches its next turning point we will much need his creative force and his ability to appreciate simple things and turn them in to something special.

    As for some comments I’ve read online asking for his unlikely reinstatement at Dior, his dismissal from the house leaves me indifferent but depriving a designer from his very own label is brutal and that is a dishonest move I condemn. I eagerly expect his comeback and i am positive it will be fresh, unexpected and yet another thing he did amazing!

My favourite collection John Galliano 2009 fall RTW 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hitched On A Ravin

An editorial for Numero Tokyo, January 2008 by photographer Alex Cayley. Eugenia Volodina is so beautiful it is such a pity that she no longer works as a model.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Outlaw Couture

To begin with i would like to post some photos from one of  my favourite editorial,‘Outlaw Couture’ by Bruce Weber for Vogue Italia March 2008. Though with Natalia Vodianova you can never go wrong these photos achieve to be exceptionally captivating. I am in love with the effortless aura they convey as if Natalia was born in a couture gown and she will be fabulous in it even as an outlaw out on the fields. But most of all i like this editorial because it portrays what i feel is ideal for a woman to be which is bitter & sweet at the same time…